Podcast Recommendations 2021
January 20, 2021

I've been a pretty veracious reader for some time. Over the years as I've had periods of commuting time I've mixed in more audio books. Admittedly, I still prefer the tangible book so I can crease pages and make a few notes. But the audio book experience opened the doors to podcasts. I search out authors and influencers, landing on a fairly diverse playlist. My podcast interests have followed my book interests. I get excited about health and healthcare; business strategy and organizational development; human behavior and leadership.

After a recent email thread where a friend and I enthusiastically shared our playlist, I thought I'd share my list for any leader:


  • An Arm and A Leg: Want to be a better healthcare consumer? This podcast empowers people to navigate the healthcare system more confidently.
  • What the Health?: From Kaiser Health Network, this podcast provides quality reporting on healthcare policy.
  • Point Health Podcast: Hosts Steven Cutbirth and Matt Dale focus on the inequities in the healthcare system and how employers can take back control.

  • A Bit of Optimism: Not sure you can beat Simon Sinek to center and keep perspective.
  • The FitMind Podcast: Yes, I put this in leadership, not health. Liam McClintock provides expert insights on the science of mind, meditation, productivity, and mental health.

With all of the great content, I could certainly go on. Here's my suggestion... split your content into 2 groups. First, entertainment topics are easy and light for any time of day. Second, find those topics that challenge, inspire and motivate you personally and professionally. Listen to them early in the day as you are preparing to tackle your objectives to help focus and get off on the right foot.

What are your podcast recommendations?

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Eric Hannah

Written by Eric Hannah

Eric is an employee benefits advisor at Olivier VanDyk Insurance and a catalyst for change. Through a multi-faceted, two-decade healthcare career, he developed a unique perspective on personal well-being, healthcare navigation and insurance systems. This experience inspired Eric to introduce an innovative approach to employee benefits – putting employers and employees in charge of their own care and spend. Eric believes that employee benefits should be a tool to achieve the optimal employee experience. Today, he helps forward-thinking business leaders develop strategies that create value.