The Problem We've been buying health insurance backwards.

Healthcare isn't a one-size-fits all solution. High value employee benefits mirror the values, model and culture of the organization. Employers can align the company vision with employee benefits.

Many business leaders experience frustration around the health insurance buying and renewal experience. Many business leaders are busy running their business and are often under-served with limited access to scalable employee benefits solutions.

The status quo process leads to an insurance-centric benefit that typically has low value to both the employer and employee. If we only address healthcare once per year, in a rushed and confusing process, is there any surprise that employees often don't understand or appreciate the benefit provided?

For years, business leaders have tried to work around conventional health plans. Their only option was to buy an enterprise insurance plan first, and try to apply it to for their employees second. (Spoiler: It usually doesn't work. You can't fit a square peg in a round hole.) Industry norms were at the wheel; customization, cost-certainty and preventative care took a back seat.

The answerFlip the system on its head.

Effective health benefits start with identifying their organization's specific needs, and tailoring a plan around that. (Not the other way around.) With people at the center, employers are able to better manage spend, recruit and retain employees, see increased performance and find a plan that works for them.