Eric Hannah has a simplified people-centric model, challenging traditional silos and status quo. People's health is critical to a business. He looks to empower forward thinking leaders and their employees to take charge of their health, healthcare, and healthcare costs driving greater value and optimizing performance. By buying direct where they can, business leaders can deliver more efficient healthcare.

let's provide access to healthcare, not just an Insurance Product.

Optimal health goes beyond the health insurance product. Every employee and organization has unique needs, and their benefits plans should meet them. We are relentless in the pursuit of a personalized experience. Clients are able to tailor plans that fit their specific needs, and consistently adjust to the industry's ebb and flow to remain a market leader.

Eric empowers employers to not only create a strategy that works for them, but also supports employee health in the process.


Eric works with employers to design and implement a health plan that aligns with the company’s business strategy. Health benefits focus on health for greater control, designed to deliver access to healthcare services for employees. This health(care) first approach creates greater value by optimizing benefits, improving employee satisfaction, and lowering cost by creating a "private benefits pool" for you and your employees.


When paired with "People-Centric Health Benefits", employers create more options, greater coverage and higher value for the employer and the employees. Broadening the offering with the right resources creates holistic support for employees.

Take charge of your healthcare.

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